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Fiberglass Moulding method

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Fiberglass Moulding plays an important role in our production and life, thus what's the Fiberglass Moulding process? Next, allow us to take a glance.

Here is that the content list:

  • Parting surface style

  • Brush the gel coat layer

  • Resin glue preparation

Parting surface style

Whether the parting surface style of Fiberglass Moulding is cheap or not encompasses a nice influence on the problem of the method operation, the paste of the mold, and also the quality of the elements. In general, in step with the characteristics of the image, also the installation accuracy of the higher and lower elements of the mold is ensured. Therefore, it's necessary to decide on the position of the parting surface and also the gate properly and fairly, once applying the discharge agent on the Fiberglass Prototype image and also the parting surface, it should be applied equally and thoughtfully. It should be applied a pair of to three times. when the discharge agent applied within the previous application is dry, a subsequent application may be performed.

Brush the gel coat layer

After the discharge agent is totally dry, apply the special gel coat brush for the mold doubly, and apply equally. when the primary layer has at the start been set, apply the second layer. The Fiberglass Moulding gel coat is black, and also the total thickness of the gel coat layer ought to be controlled at concerning 0.16mm. It ought to be noted here that the Fiberglass Moulding gel coat can not be applied too thickly to forestall surface cracks and wrinkles.

Resin glue preparation

According to the consistency of Fiberglass Moulding organic compound at temperature, it may be preheated fitly. Then combine a hundred elements of sort synthetic resin and 8-10 elements (mass ratio) of dimethyl ketone (or gas chemical compound radical ether) fiberglass custom products in a very clean instrumentality, stir well, and so add twenty elements to twenty-five elements for activity (The quantity of activity agent ought to be magnified or reduced fitly in step with the positioning temperature), stir quickly, and perform vacuum degassing for 1min~3min to get rid of the bubbles within the Fiberglass Prototype image organic compound glue. It may be used.

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