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Fiberglass custom products pultrusion related introduction

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Fiberglass custom products bring a lot of convenience to our production and life, so what is the introduction of fiberglass custom products pultrusion? Next, let us take a look.

Here is that the content list:

  • Principle of Pultrusion

  • Molding process

  • Molding equipment

Principle of Pultrusion

The pultrusion process of fiberglass custom products is continuous traction by the traction device so that the untwisted glass fiber roving, felt and other reinforcing materials on the creel are impregnated with glue, and then cured in the mold after passing through a heated mold with a fixed cross-sectional shape. It is an automated production process for forming and realizing continuous ejection.

For FRP products with fixed cross-sectional dimensions, the fiberglass custom products pultrusion process has obvious advantages. First, because the Fiberglass Prototype pultrusion process is an automated continuous production process, compared with other FRP production processes, the pultrusion process has the highest production efficiency; secondly, the pultrusion Fiberglass Prototype has the highest raw material utilization rate, which can generally be 95%. In addition, the pultrusion Fiberglass Prototype has low cost, excellent performance, stable quality, and a beautiful appearance. Because the pultrusion process has these advantages, its products can replace metal, plastic, wood, ceramics, and other products, and are widely used in chemical, petroleum, construction, electric power, transportation, municipal engineering, and other fields.

Molding process

Fiberglass custom products reinforcement materials (glass fiber roving, glass fiber continuous mat and glass fiber surface mat, etc.) are rationally composed of a series of pre-Fiberglass Moulding templates after the dipping tank is fully immersed in the glue under the traction force of the pultrusion equipment guide, get a preliminary shape, and finally enter the heated metal mold, and the mold will react and solidify under the action of high temperature, so that a continuous, smooth surface, dimensional stability, and high-strength FRP profile can be obtained.

Molding equipment

The equipment to realize the pultrusion process of fiberglass custom products is mainly a pultrusion machine, which can be roughly divided into horizontal and vertical types. Under normal circumstances, the horizontal pultrusion machine is relatively simple in structure and convenient to operate and has no special requirements for the structure of the production workshop. Moreover, the horizontal pultrusion machine can adopt various curing molding methods (such as hot mold method, high-frequency heating curing, etc.), so it is widely used in the pultrusion industry. The various processes of the vertical pultrusion machine are arranged in the vertical direction and are mainly used to manufacture hollow profiles. This is because the core mold can only be supported at one end when the hollow profile is produced, and the other end is free and unsupported. Therefore, the vertical pultrusion machine does not the wall thickness of the pultruded product will be uneven due to the drooping of the mandrel cantilever; this type of pultrusion machine is no longer in use due to its large limitations and a single product. Whether it is a horizontal or vertical pultrusion machine, they are mainly composed of five parts: yarn feeding device, dipping device, fiberglass molding mold, and curing device, traction device, and cutting device. Their corresponding processes are yarn arranging and dipping. Molding and curing, pulling and cutting.

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