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Fiberglass customized shell


Product Description

The production process of FRP shell is as follows: (1) customers provide pictures or samples or ideas, and both parties negotiate the specific structure, size, technology, color, etc., and Hefei xinghaiyuan makes a quotation. (2) Both parties determine the price, settlement method, delivery method, delivery time, etc., sign a contract and collect deposit. (3) Make 3D drawings or molds, customer site or through photos to confirm the first draft, Hefei xinghaiyuan start production. If it needs to be modified, it still needs to be reconfirmed after modification until the confirmation is completed and production is arranged. (4) After the production is completed and the wool embryo products are confirmed by both parties, the subsequent processing is carried out. (5) After the finished product is confirmed by the customer, the goods will be collected and delivered, or the goods will be picked up or delivered.


Product Characteristics

1、Lightweight, density: 1.6 ~ 1.7g/cm ³

2、Thin wall, thickness ≥ 1.0 mm

3、High strength, tensile strength ≥ 220MPa

4、Sealing, waterproof grade: IP68

5、Flame retardant, meet the V0 level

6、Long service life, > 20 years


Data Sheet

Place of Origin: Anhui, China

Color: RAL Optional

Material: fiberglass

Advantage: light weight, high intensity, durable

Factory Assembly: Available

Brand Name: ZHY

Application: Console for car, Auto, Racing car, Electric car

Technique: Resin transfer molding

Dimension: Customized

Process: L-RTM

Finish: Gel coat +UPR, Glossy smooth finish


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