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How to maintain fiberglass boats?

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fiberglass has superior performance of water resistance and corrosion resistance and a beautiful appearance with a glossy surface like a mirror. Next is the introduction of how to maintain fiberglass boats.

Here is the content list:

  • Do not accumulate water inside the boat for a long time

  • Avoid long-term exposure to the hot sun

  • Washing and cleaning frequently

  • Timely removal of salt frost

  • Regular waxing and polishing

  • Apply paint to keep beautiful and durable

Do not accumulate water inside the boat for a long time

If there is water inside the fiberglass boat, it should be removed in time. If the battery fluid and other acid and alkali media spilled inside the boat must be promptly cleaned with water rinse wipe dry.

Avoid long-term exposure to the hot sun

A pergola should be set up at the mooring of the fiberglass boat, long-term exposure is not good for fiberglass, and the color of the gel coat layer will be affected.

Washing and cleaning frequently

The surface of the fiberglass boat should be kept clean frequently, and the deck should be scrubbed frequently. The surface stained by oil and other things can be cleaned with ordinary household cleaners, not with more corrosive solvents, and not with decontamination powder, metal wire scrubbing, so as not to leave scratches, affecting the beauty. If the stain is difficult to remove, available gasoline, kerosene, diesel oil and toluene, xylene, styrene, acetone, and another cleaning, but after washing must be immediately rinsed with water to prevent the intrusion of glass fiber reinforced plastic boat structure inside. Cleaning can also be supplemented with tools scraping shovel, but to use the hardness of the bamboo and wood or plastic pieces lower than the fiberglass, etc., so as not to scratch the surface. When scrubbing, use a sweat cloth, gauze, soft towels, and soft foam, and other soft materials.

Timely removal of salt frost

In the sea area sailing fiberglass boat to remove the salt crystals attached to the surface of the boat promptly (salt frost), because the salt crystals in the sun have a convex lens focusing effect, will make the surface layer of fiberglass in the role of high temperature accelerated aging.

Regular waxing and polishing

To make the exterior of the hull shiny and protect the gel coat layer, the exterior of the boat should be waxed and polished regularly. Material available car wax or glass fiber reinforced plastic special polishing wax can be on two to three times, each interval of 2 hours, so that in the glass fiber reinforced plastic surface to form a tough wax film. The best use of portable polishing machine polishing, so that the surface is as bright as new.

Apply paint to keep beautiful and durable

The new fiberglass boat with a gel coat layer has a beautiful appearance, but after two or three years of use, the color gradually fades and loses luster, dark color is more than light color. To maintain the beauty of the boat's appearance, when the exterior gel coat layer color is old and scratches are more, you can take the method of applying paint. Among the various paints, polyurethane and epoxy resin paint is better. Before painting, fiberglass boat table should be cleaned first, with clean mold water and another wax remover to remove wax, and water abrasive sandpaper water abrasive, deep scratches to embed epoxy putty, according to the paint requirements to do the preliminary work before imposing paint (best spray paint), after painting the boat and the new boat as beautiful.

Remind you that the correct maintenance method can extend the service life of the fiberglass boat.



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