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Installation of Fiberglass Fabrication Products

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We know that Fiberglass Fabrication Products have a vital impact on our production and life, so what is the installation of Fiberglass Fabrication Products? Next, let us take a look.

Fiberglass Fabrication Products

Here is that the content list:

Before installation

When installing

Before installation

Before the construction of the Fiberglass Fabrication Products pipe, the appearance and size should be inspected, and the acceptance should be carried out according to the factory certificate. Fiberglass Fabrication Products pipeline installation drawing is the basis of pipeline installation engineering, the laying of FRP/PVC pipes (including connection form, coordinates, elevation, slope, slope, etc.) support, the connection of FRP/PVC pipes and equipment, pipeline accessories, pipeline accessories The installation position, support, etc. should be following the design drawings. If there is any change, it must be resolved through consultation with the design unit. For Fiberglass Prototype pipe installation, you can install pipe accessories in sequence from one end of the pipe to the other end and then set up a bracket or support (if necessary, temporary support during the installation process).

When installing

When the Fiberglass Fabrication Products pipeline is hoisted, protective measures must be taken on the outer wall surface, and direct contact with the steel wire rope is forbidden to avoid local stress. The connection point of the FRP pipe is only allowed in the straight pipe part. The distance between the butt welding connection point and the edge of the pipe support of fiberglass custom products should be greater than the outer diameter of the pipe and not less than 100mm; the distance between the socket connection and the edge of the pipe support should be greater than 150mm.

The connection structure of the Fiberglass Fabrication Products pipeline has three types: socket connection, flange connection (welded ring loose flange connection and composite flat welding flange connection), and butt-welding connection. In this project, the installation method will be determined according to the specific requirements of the design documents. Installation workers engaged in welding must hold a welder's certificate, and be familiar with the adhesive properties of FRP/PVC pipes and installation methods, and have a skilled PVC welding operation ability. Before connecting the fiberglass custom products pipe, firstly remove the dirt on the inner wall of the PVC pipe at the connection, and then insert the socket into the socket. The socket must not be skewed or cracked. PVC welding can be carried out after the socket depth is reached. The socket part should be reinforced with FRP, and a layer of R glue should be applied evenly on the reinforced part, and the thickness of the coating should be uniform, and no leakage or flow should be allowed. Then cover a layer of glass cloth, coat unsaturated resin, and cover glass cloth. Repeat until the thickness Until the requirements are met. When the socket is installed unqualified and needs to be repaired, the socket plug and socket must be re-made, and the socket that has been used must not be used. When the flange of Fiberglass Fabrication Products is connected to the pipe, both the inner and outer sides must be welded to the pipe. The inclination of the Fiberglass Prototype flange surface and the pipe axis should be less than or equal to 1/100 of the outer diameter of the pipe. The flange connection should be strictly aligned, the maximum allowable deviation of the axial direction is not more than 2mm, and the method of tightening bolts should not be used to eliminate skew. Tighten the bolts in two steps, the first time, tighten the bolts evenly and symmetrically, and then tighten the bolts again.

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