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Material classification of Fiberglass Fabrication Products

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Fiberglass Fabrication Products' glass fiber may be divided into the continuous fiber, fixed-length fiber, and insulator in step with form and length; in step with glass composition, it may be divided into non-alkali, chemical resistance, high alkali, medium alkali, high strength, high coefficient of elasticity and alkali-resistant (alkali-resistant) glass fiber, etc. What's the fabric classification of Fiberglass Fabrication Products? Next, allow us to take a glance.

Here is that the content list:

  • Fiberglass rod

  • High-strength glass fiber

  • AR glass fiber

Fiberglass rod

Also called medium-alkali glass, it's characterized by its chemical resistance, particularly acid resistance, that is healthier than that of alkali-free glass, however, its electrical performance is poor, and its mechanical strength is 10%-20% below that of alkali-free glass fiber. the quantity of chemical element oxide, whereas my country's Fiberglass Prototype alkali glass fiber, is boron-free. In foreign countries, medium-alkali glass fiber is simply accustomed manufacture corrosion-resistant glass fiber products, like covering materials example surface mats, and conjointly accustomed to strengthening asphalt roofing materials. However, in my country, Fiberglass Fabrication Products alkali glass fiber accounts for glass fiber production. Most of it (60%) is widely employed in the assembly of glass fiber strengthened plastics and filter materials, wrapping materials, etc. as a result of its value is below that of alkali-free glass fiber and has sturdy fight.

High-strength glass fiber

It is characterized by high strength and high modulus. The one fiber strength of the covering material example is 2800MPa, which is twenty-fifth above that of alkali-free glass fiber, and its coefficient of elasticity is 86000MPa, which is above that of E-glass fiber. The FRP product created with them is principally employed in the military business, space, bullet-proof armor, and equipment. However, because of the high value of Fiberglass Fabrication Products, it's not nonetheless been promoted for civilian use, and also the world's output is simply a couple of thousand tons.

AR glass fiber

Also called alkali-resistant glass fiber, alkali-resistant glass fiber is that the rib material of glass fiber strengthened (cement) concrete (GRC). It's 100% inorganic fiber and is a perfect substitute for steel and amphibole in non-load-bearing cement parts. Fiberglass custom products alkali-resistant glass fiber is characterized by smart alkali resistance will effectively resist the erosion of high-alkali substances in cement, sturdy binding force, coefficient of elasticity, impact resistance, strength, high bending strength, non-combustibility, and frost resistance, sturdy resistance to temperature, and wetness changes, wonderful crack resistance, and solidness. Fiberglass Fabrication Products have the characteristics of sturdy designability and straightforward forming. Fiberglass Prototype alkali-resistant glass fibers are wide employed in superior strengthened (cement) concrete. a brand new kind of inexperienced and environmentally friendly strengthened material.

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