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Performance characteristics of fiberglass chemical tanks

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The performance of fiberglass chemical tanks often depends on the type of synthetic resin, this is because the synthetic resin is in fiberglass, which not only bonds the glass fibers together to form a whole but also enhances the various excellent overall properties of fiberglass, such as enhancing the corrosion resistance and electrical insulation of fiberglass. The next is an introduction to the performance characteristics of fiberglass chemical tanks.

fiberglass chemical tanks

Here is the content list:

l Lightweight and high strength

l Good corrosion resistance

l Excellent electrical insulation

l Good designability

l Excellent processability

Lightweight and high strength

The specific gravity of fiberglass is only 1/4 that of ordinary steel, and about 1/3 lighter than aluminum, yet its mechanical strength can meet or exceed that of ordinary carbon steel, such as some epoxy and unsaturated polyester fiberglass, which can reach tensile and flexural strengths of 400 MPa or more. Therefore, it has an excellent performance in aviation, rocket, spacecraft, high-pressure vessels, and other applications that need to reduce self-weight. Some epoxy glass fibers are capable of tensile, flexural, and compressive strengths of 400Mpa or more.

Good corrosion resistance

People who understand chemistry know that the electrochemical corrosion mechanism of fiberglass and ordinary metals are different, it does not conduct electricity, that is, there will be no ions dissolved in the electrolyte solution, and therefore has good chemical stability to the atmosphere, water, and general concentration of acids, alkalis, salts, and other media, especially in strong non-oxidizing acids and a fairly wide range of pH media have good adaptability. In the past, stainless steel cannot deal with some media, such as hydrochloric acid, chlorine gas, carbon dioxide, dilute sulfuric acid, sodium hypochlorite, and sulfur dioxide, etc., now with fiberglass can be a very good solution.

Excellent electrical insulation

I believe many people know that the electrical insulation of fiberglass is very good. Therefore, fiberglass chemical tanks made of fiberglass do not have to worry about electrochemical corrosion and stray current corrosion, and can be used widely with confidence to manufacture insulating parts in meters, motors, and electrical appliances to improve the reliability and extend the service life of electrical equipment. In addition, fiberglass has good dielectric properties and microwave permeability under the action of high frequency, which is an excellent material for manufacturing many kinds of radome and other high-frequency insulation products.

Good designability

It is possible to design various structures of fiberglass chemical tanks flexibly according to the needs to meet the requirements of use, which can make the products have good integrity

Excellent processability

The process is simple and can be formed at one time with outstanding economic effect, especially for products with complex shapes and small quantities which are not easy to be formed, it highlights its superiority of process.

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