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Precautions and installation principles of fiberglass custom product

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Fiberglass custom products have brought a great deal of convenience to our production and life, therefore what area unit the precautions and installation principles of fiberglass custom products? Next, allow us to take a glance.

Here is that the content list:

  • Precautions

  • Principles of Pipeline Installation

Fiberglass custom products


1. Thanks to the rarity and lightweight material of the fiberglass prototype, it's simple to put in FRP pipes in areas with high groundwater levels, and anti-floating measures like piers or rain runoff emptying should be thought of.

2. Throughout construction like gap tees on put in fiberglass Fabrication product, repairing pipe cracks, etc., complete dry conditions just like those within the works building area unit needed, and also the rosin and fiber fabric used throughout construction got to be cured among 7-8 hours. Construction and repairs area units were usually troublesome to satisfy this demand.

3. The prevailing fiberglass image underground pipeline discovering instrumentality is especially accustomed to detecting metal pipelines and non-metal pipeline detection instruments area unit high-priced. Therefore, FRP pipes can't be detected once being buried, and different later construction area units simply dig and injury the pipeline throughout the construction.

4. Fiberglass image has poor actinic radiation protection. Surface-mounted glass steel pipes delay the aging time by creating a 0.5mm thick resin-rich layer and ultraviolet absorbent (processing within the factory) on its surface. With time, the resin-rich layer and actinic radiation absorbent are going to be destroyed, thereby moving its service life.

5. Fiberglass custom products need high soil covering depth. Generally, the shallowest covering soil of SN5000 grade glass steel pipe below the final road isn't but 0.8m; the deepest covering soil isn't larger than 3.0m; the shallowest covering soil of SN2500 grade glass steel pipe isn't but 0.8m; the deepest covering soil isn't larger than 1.2m (the smallest total of the deepest covering soil is 0.7m and 4.0m respectively).

6. The backfill of fiberglass Fabrication product shall not contain bricks, stones, and different laborious objects larger than 50mm to avoid injury to the outer wall of the pipeline.

7. There's no report concerning the giant-scale use of fiberglass prototypes by large water corporations across the country. Since FRP may be a new kind of pipe, the service life continues to be unknown.

Principles of Pipeline Installation

The pipeline installation sequence relies on the sub-area and also the sub-system, the big diameter then the tiny diameter, the lower layer the higher layer, the primary is troublesome and so the better, the pipe gallery is initial, the instrumentality is connected, and also the pipes connected to the machine area unit in theory distributed from the within to the surface. To scale back the influence of fastening stress on the installation accuracy of the machine, the meeting purpose between indoor and outside pipelines ought to be unbroken outdoors.

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