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Precautions and production method of Fiberglass Grating

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Fiberglass Grating may be a reasonably plate-shaped material with several areas, that are formed of glass fiber as a reinforcing material and unsaturated polyester organic compound because of the matrix. Corrosive floors, trench covers, platforms, ship decks, stairs, plank roads, etc. this sort of fiberglass construction product has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, flame agent, non-magnetic insulation, bright colors, and a spread of designs to decide on from. What are the precautions and production processes? Next, allow us to take a glance.

Here is that the content list:

  • Precautions

  • Production method


1. Because of the tenuity and lightweight material of this sort of fiberglass construction product, the installation of glass fiber bolstered plastic grid easy-floating pipes in areas with high groundwater levels should take into account the installation of piers or rain runoff drain.

2. Throughout construction like gap tees on the put in Fiberglass Grating, repairing pipe cracks, etc., it's needed to be kind of like the whole dry conditions within the mill, and therefore the organic compound and fiber fabric used throughout construction got to be cured in 7-8 hours, whereas on-the-scene construction and repair. Repair is most troublesome to satisfy this demand.

3. The prevailing underground pipeline detection instrumentation principally detects metal pipelines, and therefore the non-metal pipeline detection instruments are valuable. Therefore, the Fiberglass Grating can't be detected once being buried, and different ulterior construction units are simple to dig and injury the pipeline throughout the development.

4. Fiberglass Grating has poor ultraviolet light protection. The exposed glass fiber bolstered plastic grille delays the aging time by creating a 0.5mm thick resin-rich layer and ultraviolet absorbent (processing within the factory) on its surface. With time, the resin-rich layer and ultraviolet light absorbent are going to be destroyed, thereby touching its service life.

Production method

There are 3 main kinds of Fiberglass Grating production methods: reciprocatory fiber winding process, continuous fiber winding method, and centrifugal casting method.

Reciprocating fiber winding method (belonging to the fixed-length technique): during this processing method, the dipping tank reciprocates with the rotating core mold, and therefore the long covering material filaments are auxiliary placed relative to the core mold axis at an exact angle, and therefore the auxiliary angle (The winding angle is controlled by the magnitude relation of the moving speed of the dipping tank to the rotation speed of the core mold, and therefore the travel movement of the dipping tank is controlled by a processed mechanical device. The quantity of Fiberglass Grating winding layers bit by bit will increase, reaching the designed wall thickness. Once winding, the organic compound within the product is cured. once natural action, take away the core mold from the Fiberglass Pipe.

This kind of covering material construction merchandise continuous filament winding method (belonging to the continual method): This method may be a process during which the pipe passes through a feeding station that provides organic compound pre-impregnated roving, sliced glass fiber bolstered plastic, and organic compound sand mixture throughout the movement. Fiberglass Pipe is employed within the shaft is formed in continuous advancement.

This kind of covering material construction merchandise centrifugal casting method (belonging to the fixed-length method): during this method, glasswork fiber bolstered materials and sand are fed into a steel mold mounted on an effect, and one finish of the steel mold is injected with a catalyst. Unsaturated organic compound impregnates the reinforcing material. beneath the action of force, the organic compound replaces the air within the fibers and fillers to provide dense stuff while not pores. Because of the force, the inner wall of the tube forms a swish, swish resin-rich inner surface layer, the pipe is cured at the next temperature. The pipe factory-made during this means is additionally referred to as Fiberglass Pipe.

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