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What are the advantages and applications of fiberglass truck parts?

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Fiberglass truck parts are various auto parts made of glass fiber as the main raw material. Glass fiber has the characteristics of easy forming, small specific gravity, high strength, stable thermal performance, good electrical performance and sound absorption performance, corrosion resistance, and wide temperature difference adaptation range. Auto parts produced and processed using glass fiber materials can well inherit these advantages of glass fiber materials. Fiberglass truck parts are currently ideal energy-saving and anti-corrosion body materials.

Here is the content list:

●What are the advantages of fiberglass truck parts?

●What are the applications of fiberglass truck parts?

Fiberglass truck parts

What are the advantages of fiberglass truck parts?

Fiberglass truck parts are made of glass fiber as a reinforcing material and synthetic resin as a binder, after molding and curing. Fiberglass truck parts have the following advantages: low density, high strength, and low thermal conductivity are excellent thermal insulation materials. Fiberglass truck parts can generate a lot of gas at ultra-high temperatures and absorb a lot of heat. It is good thermal protection and ablation-resistant material. Fiberglass truck parts have the excellent abrasion resistance and good electrical insulation that can transmit high-frequency waves; non-magnetic. In addition to good mechanical properties, fiberglass truck parts also have excellent properties such as fatigue resistance, corrosion resistance, and shock absorption. Take the widely used fiber-reinforced composite material as an example. Due to the interface between the fiber and the matrix, the external load is transmitted from the matrix to the reinforced fiber. Moreover, the interface can effectively prevent the expansion of fatigue cracks. For most metal materials, the fatigue strength limit is 30% to 50% of the tensile strength, and the corresponding glass fiber automobile parts can reach 60% to 80%. Fiberglass truck parts have the advantages of superior electrical properties, corrosion resistance, lightweight, easy, and flexible engineering design, and their mechanical properties can be comparable to some metal materials. Therefore, glass fiber is widely used in vehicles, construction, In the electronics/electrical industries.

What are the applications of fiberglass truck parts?

GMT sheet has a high specific strength, can produce lightweight parts, and has high design freedom, strong collision energy absorption, and good processing performance. It has been widely used in the automobile industry abroad since the 1990s. Fiberglass truck parts have the advantages of being lightweight, high strength, and corrosion-resistant. Application in the auto industry can reduce the weight of the car, improve the performance of the car, reduce the manufacturing cost of auto parts, speed up the assembly speed of the car, and save fuel. Therefore, automobile manufacturers have always attached great importance to the use of fiberglass truck parts in automobiles. At present, fiberglass truck parts are widely used in the automotive industry, mainly including seat frames, bumpers, dashboards, engine hoods, battery brackets, pedals, front panels, air conditioning pipes, exhaust valves, engine hoods, Bumpers, trunk lids, body panels, inner roof panels, chassis, seat components, instrument panels, mufflers, exhaust filters, fuel cylinders, interior materials, friction materials, etc.

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