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What are the characteristics and advantages of fiberglass auto parts?

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Fiberglass plastic is an anisotropic, non-homogeneous material. It has the characteristics of lightweight, low elastic modulus, and high fatigue strength. These characteristics make it an ideal material for making fiberglass auto parts. Due to the unique characteristics of resin leaf springs compared to traditional steel leaf springs, fiberglass auto parts have been put on the market in large quantities for sale.

Here is the content list:

●What are the characteristics of fiberglass auto parts?

●What are the advantages of fiberglass auto parts?

What are the characteristics of fiberglass auto parts?

1. In the application of fiberglass auto parts, the biggest feature is high tensile strength. The tensile strength is 6.3~6.9 g/d in the standard state and 5.4~5.8 g/d in the wet state. Good heat resistance, no effect on strength when the temperature reaches 300℃. Fiberglass auto parts have excellent electrical insulation properties and are high-grade electrical insulation materials. They are also used as heat-insulating materials and fire-resistant shielding materials. Generally, only concentrated alkali, hydrofluoric acid, and concentrated phosphoric acid can corrode glass fiber auto parts.

2. The main components of fiberglass auto parts are silica, alumina, calcium oxide, boron oxide, magnesium oxide, sodium oxide, etc. According to the amount of alkali in the glass, it can be divided into alkali-free glass fiber (sodium oxide 0% ~2%), medium alkali glass fiber (sodiu

m oxide 8%-12%, belongs to boron-containing or boron-free soda-lime silicate glass), and high-alkali glass fiber (sodium oxide 13 % Above, belongs to soda lime silicate glass).

Fiberglass Auto Parts

What are the advantages of fiberglass auto parts?

Fiberglass auto parts have higher temperature resistance than organic fiber, are non-combustible, anti-corrosion, have good heat and sound insulation, high tensile strength, and good electrical insulation. However, fiberglass auto parts are brittle and have poor wear resistance. Fiberglass auto parts have the following advantages: (1) Fiberglass auto parts have high tensile strength and low elongation (3%). (2) High elastic coefficient and good rigidity. (3) Fiberglass auto parts have a large elongation within the elastic limit and can resist high-strength stretching. (4) Fiberglass auto parts are made of inorganic fiber materials, which are non-flammable and have good chemical resistance. (5) Low water absorption. (6) Dimensional stability and heat resistance are both good. (7) The processability is good, and it is easy to be processed into different forms of auto parts products. (8) Transparent and can transmit light. (9) Good adhesion to resin. (10) The price is cheap. (11) The glass fiber material is not easy to burn and can be melted into glass beads at high temperatures. These advantages make the use of fiberglass auto parts far more extensive than other types of fibers, and the development speed is also far ahead.

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