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​Fiberglass custom products compression molding related introduction

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Fiberglass custom products bring a lot of convenience to our production and life, so what is the introduction of fiberglass custom products compression molding? Next, let us take a look.

Here is that the content list:

The principle of fiberglass custom products compression molding

The compression molding process of fiberglass custom products

fiberglass custom products compression molding equipment

Principle of fiberglass custom products compression molding method

Thermosetting compression molding is a method in which a certain amount of molding material is added to a preheated mold and heated and pressurized to solidify a plastic product. The basic process of the Fiberglass Prototype is: put a certain amount of pre-treated molding material into the preheated mold and apply a higher pressure to fill the mold cavity with the molding material. Under certain pressure and temperature, the molding material is gradually solidified, and then the product is taken out of the mold, and then necessary auxiliary processing is performed to obtain the product.

Fiberglass custom products

The compression molding process of fiberglass custom products

The Fiberglass Moulding process is mainly divided into two stages: preparation before pressing and pressing.

fiberglass custom products compression molding equipment

(1) Dipping machine

The main equipment for fiberglass custom products to prepare rubber cloth is the dipping machine, which is composed of a cloth feeder, a heat treatment furnace, a dipping tank, a drying box, and a traction roller. According to the position of the heat treatment furnace and the drying box, it can be divided into two types: horizontal dipping machine and vertical dipping machine.

(2) Prepreg unit

The equipment used in this method is a cutting machine, a kneader, and a tearing machine. Commonly used cutting machine types are punch type, grinding wheel type, three-roll type, and single-rotation knife-roll type. The function of the kneader is to fully mix the resin system and the fiber system evenly. Fiberglass custom products mixing paddles generally adopt a Z paddle structure. During the kneading process, the two main parameters, the kneading time and the viscosity of the resin system are mainly controlled. Sometimes a jacket with cold and hot water is installed in the mixing chamber structure to control the mixing temperature. The longer the mixing time, the greater the loss of fiber strength. In some resin systems, too long kneading time can also cause significant thermal effects. If the mixing time is too short, the resin and fiber will be mixed unevenly. Improper control of the viscosity of Fiberglass Prototype resin will also affect the uniform infiltration and penetration rate of the resin to the fiber, and it will also have a certain impact on the fiber strength.

The main function of the tearing machine is to fluff the kneaded mass. The tearing machine is mainly composed of a feed roller and a pair of tearing rollers, and the fed material mass is torn loose by the reverse movement of the tearing roller.

(3) Sheet molding compound unit

A complete SMC unit consists of 7 main parts including frame, conveying system, PE film supply device, scraper, glass fiber cutter, impregnation, and compaction device, winding device, glass fiber creel, Fiberglass Prototype resin paste It is composed of 3 necessary auxiliary systems such as the preparation and feeding system and static eliminator.

(4) Press

Fiberglass custom products press is the main equipment for compression molding. The function of the Fiberglass Moulding press is to provide the pressure required for molding and the demolding force required for mold opening and ejection of the product. Now, most of the hydraulic presses are used.

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