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System and characteristics of fiberglass fish tanks

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Fiberglass fish tank has good processability, and it can choose the molding process flexibly according to the shape, technical requirements, usage, and quantity of the products. The economic effect is outstanding, especially for products with complex shapes and small quantities which are not easy to be formed, it shows its system advantageousness. The following are the system and characteristics of fiberglass fish tanks.

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  • System introduction

  • Features

fiberglass fish tank

System introduction

Fiberglass fish tank bottom drainage purification system discharges residual bait and manure into the paddy field through the bottom drainage pipe, and aerobic microorganisms and parthenogenic microorganisms in the paddy field

Anaerobic microorganisms are used as fermenting strains to aerobically and anaerobically ferment residual bait and manure, which become small molecule organic fertilizers that can be easily absorbed and used by rice.

In addition, the fiberglass fish tank circulating water system pumps the natural water containing active small-molecule organic matter and microorganisms from the paddy field water body into the fiberglass fish tank, so that the water body in the fiberglass fish tank circulates and flows, increasing the oxygen content of the fish pond, increasing the activity and nutrients of the fish, enhancing the physical fitness of the fish, reducing the risk of a sudden outbreak of breeding diseases and epidemics, which is conducive to improving the yield and quality of fish and achieving a benign dynamic balance.

Fiberglass fish tank is chemically resistant and has a long service life. fiberglass fish tank has good chemical corrosion resistance when storing corrosive media, fiberglass fish tank also has the advantage that other materials do not have, different substrate raw materials can resist the erosion of a variety of acids, alkalis, salts, and organic solvents.


Fiberglass fish ponds are malleable and can be easily installed with inlets and outlets and overflow at the top or bottom. They are less likely to crack in cold and inclement weather. For certain fish species seasons, a fiberglass fish tank is more convenient to change the water and clean the interior. Also, fish hatching boxes can be used to transport freshwater food or seafood. Fiberglass fish ponds have high impact strength and it is very easy to load and unload. Fiberglass fish ponds are made of U.S. standard resin, which is non-toxic and non-sedimenting. This resin is free of any toxic effects. fiberglass material has good thermal insulation. When installed on the farm in the cold winter, it will reduce energy consumption. Fiberglass fish tank farming inherits the high strength property of plastic fish tanks. Moreover, due to the characteristics of composite technology, it can be customized into different shapes. Generally, the aquaculture tank of fiberglass is designed into a round shape. According to the physical nature of the pressure. There is an outlet in the center of the inlet pipe and a pot-shaped bottom. When used for fish farming, the inlet can be designed as a vortex, so no suspended matter will be concentrated in the bottom of the tank, pot-shaped vortex. Compared with the traditional fish tank, the fiberglass fish tank has almost no contaminated water, is easy to drain, clean, disinfect, and easy to move. It is more conducive to the growth of fish and can significantly improve the survival rate of fish.

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