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The technical performance of Fiberglass Panel

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Fiberglass Panel is mostly used for the bottom layer of the soft package, then material, leather, etc. square measure wrapped on the surface to create lovely wall and ceiling decorations. the appliance is extremely wide. It's the characteristics of sound absorption, sound insulation, heat insulation, environmental protection, and flame agent. What's the technical performance of the Fiberglass Panel? Next, allow us to take a glance.

Fiberglass Panel

Here is that the content list:

l Thermal insulation

l Sound absorption

l Hygroscopicity

l Other technical performance

Thermal insulation

As we tend to all grasp, fiberglass construction products have low thermal conduction, particularly glass fiber with a finer diameter. owing to its low bulk density, it is often wide utilized in heat preservation, heat insulation, and cold insulation in construction and industrial sectors. It's a superb thermal insulation material. The thermal conduction of glass fiber is little. When the glass fiber is hand-drawn into the asphalt glass fibreboard, the irregular pores of the glass fiber within the asphalt glass fibreboard square measure caused, that prevents air convection and weakens the role of convection in heat conductivity. Fiberglass Panel incorporates a smart thermal insulation impact. Therefore, befittingly reducing the diameter of the glass fiber hand-drawn thick wire and reducing the majority density of the asphalt glass fibreboard will improve the warmth insulation performance of the board.

Sound absorption

Fiberglass construction products have wonderful sound absorption and sound insulation properties, and their sound coefficient of absorption and frequency characteristics square measure closely associated with the majority density, thickness, and diameter of the glass fiber. The final rule of the Fiberglass Panel is that the sound coefficient of absorption will increase with the rise of the majority density and thickness of the Fiberglass Pipe.


The wetness absorption rate and water absorption rate of Fiberglass Panel square measure determined by the Shanghai FRP Structure analysis Institute: when being kept during a humidness cupboard with a temperature of 50°C and ratio of ninety-three for twenty-four hours, the wetness absorption rate measured isn't quite 0.5% (weight percentage), the Fiberglass Panel is immersed in water for twenty-four hours to require out the Fiberglass Panel at temperature. When one hour of dripping, the water absorption rate isn't quite V-day (weight percentage).

Other technical performance

(1) Fiberglass Pipe solid vibration isolation performance Between the 2 building foundations, a one-millimeter thick asphalt fiberglass board is employed for isolation. the number of vibrations is unemployed with a regular percussion device, then with a 2209+1616 exactness sound level meter. The measured worth between 2 adjacent foundations. (2) Compressive strength of Fiberglass Panel: underneath a static load of zero.2 kg/cm2, its relative compression is V-day.

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