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What are the characteristics and performance of fiberglass RV parts?

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With the development of science and technology, more and more non-metallic materials with the advantages of a lightweight, high strength, corrosion resistance, and easy-to-synthesize type have replaced traditional metal materials and have been applied in automobiles. Among them, fiberglass RV parts are getting more and more attention and application in the auto industry, and they have certain market development prospects.

Here is the content list:

●What are the characteristics of fiberglass RV parts?

●What are the properties of fiberglass RV parts?

What are the characteristics of fiberglass RV parts?

1) High specific strength and specific modulus. The higher the specific strength, the lower the weight of the part; the higher the specific modulus, the greater the rigidity of the part. Therefore, fiberglass RV parts are of great significance to high-speed structural parts or vehicles that need to reduce their weight. 2) The interface between the fiber and the matrix in the fiberglass RV parts can effectively prevent the expansion of fatigue cracks, and the external load is borne by the reinforcing fiber. The fatigue strength limit of most metal materials is 30% to 50% of their tensile strength, while fiberglass RV parts can reach 60% to 80%. 3) Incorporating a small amount of chopped carbon fiber into thermoplastics can greatly improve the wear resistance of fiberglass RV parts, and the increase can be several times the original. 4) Excellent chemical stability, good high-temperature ablation resistance. In fiber-reinforced composite materials, in addition to the lower softening point of glass fibers, the melting points of other fibers are generally above 2000 ℃. The fiberglass RV parts made of composite materials composed of these fibers and metal matrix can withstand ultra-high temperature instantaneously. 5) Good manufacturability and designability. Fiberglass RV parts can meet the performance requirements of component strength and rigidity, and the materials and components can be formed at one time, reducing the number of parts, fasteners, and joints, and greatly improving the utilization rate of materials.

What are the properties of fiberglass RV parts?

1. Compared with traditional materials, fiberglass RV parts have many advantages such as high specific strength, lightweight, high specific modulus, good fatigue resistance, and good vibration damping performance. The various constituent materials of fiberglass RV parts play a synergistic effect in performance and have superior comprehensive performance that a single material cannot match. Therefore, in the automotive industry, fiberglass RV parts are widely used in the design and manufacture of car bodies, lamp housings, front and rear guard plates, bumpers, leaf springs, seat frames, and drive shafts.

2. The performance of fiberglass RV parts meets the requirements of a lightweight body and reduces fuel consumption. Traditional automobile body materials are in a single state mainly made of thin steel plates, which cannot meet people's pursuit of high-speed and lightweight requirements. To reduce its quality, improve drag coefficient and reduce fuel consumption, our company actively researches and uses new materials to meet the above requirements. Fiberglass RV parts have been a stage for displaying their talents in the lightweight process of the car body, and have played a major role in the lightweight process of automobiles.

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