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What are the types and advantages of fiberglass tractor parts?

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The automobile industry is the first typical representative of the global industry in the modern industry. The automobile is developing towards lighter weight. It requires saving fuel, increasing speed, and increasing durability, comfort, and safety. It is increasingly adopting new materials, including glass. Fiberglass tractor parts have become important automotive materials.

Fiberglass tractor parts

Here is the content list:

●What are the main types of fiberglass tractor parts?

●What are the main advantages of the application of fiberglass tractor parts in automobiles?

What are the main types of fiberglass tractor parts?

(1) Body parts: including body shells, roof hardtops, sunroofs, doors, radiator grilles, headlight reflectors, front and rear bumpers, and car interior parts, etc., mainly to adapt to the streamlined design of the body and high-quality appearance demand needs, this is the main direction of the application of fiberglass tractor parts in automobiles, and the current development and application potential is still huge. (2) Structural parts: including front-end brackets, bumper frames, seat frames, floors, etc. This type of fiberglass tractor part can improve the design freedom, versatility, and integrity of the parts. Mainly use high-strength SMC, GMT, LFT, and other materials. (3) Functional parts: this type of glass fiberglass tractor parts require high-temperature resistance, oil corrosion resistance, etc., main engines and peripheral components.

What are the main advantages of the application of fiberglass tractor parts in automobiles?

1) Reduce the weight of the whole vehicle; the density of composite materials used in fiberglass tractor parts is relatively small, and the density of resin-based composite materials generally does not exceed 2g/cm3. The weight of the car is reduced and the fuel economy is improved. 2) Strong design ability; in the manufacturing process of fiberglass tractor parts, it can be compounded and solidified after forming the required properties to make the final part. At the same time, fiberglass tractor parts are highly designable. According to the product structure and stress, by adjusting the fiber orientation, fabric structure, arrangement, etc., products that meet different requirements can be made. 3) Shorten the development cycle; fiberglass tractor parts are often completed at the same time as material manufacturing and product molding. Through reasonable mold design, parts of different thicknesses, protrusions, ribs, ribs, etc. can be integrally formed, but it is more difficult to use metal plates, and the production efficiency is low, and it is difficult to ensure the accuracy of the parts. 4) Impact resistance; fiberglass tractor parts have a large vibration attenuation coefficient due to their unique structure, so they can absorb a large amount of impact energy when impacted, which is beneficial to improve personal safety. 5) Good corrosion resistance and chemical resistance; many parts of automobiles must be able to withstand the corrosion of chemicals such as engine oil, brake fluid, gasoline, automobile transmission fluid, and harsh environments such as high temperature, severe cold, and salt spray. There is no corrosion problem in auto parts. 6) The investment is small and the update is fast; with new materials and new technologies entering the automobile industry, the update speed of automobiles is getting faster and faster. The processing cycle of fiberglass tractor parts is short, and the mold tooling is easy to change, so the investment is small, which is just to meet the needs of modern society for the diversification of automobiles and the rapid renewal.

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