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Fiberglass tank


Product Description

Five advantages of fiberglass tanks: (1) fiberglass has high impact resistance. The right elasticity and very flexible mechanical strength make it able to withstand strong physical shocks, and at the same time it can withstand long-term water pressure of 0.35-0.8MPa. (2) fiberglass has excellent corrosion resistance. (3) There is basically no life issue in the glass fiber reinforced plastic tank. (4) The main component of fiberglass is resin, which is a substance with a density less than water. On the aquatic long-distance transport vehicle, because it not only has high strength, but also facilitates the transportation of goods when getting on and off the vehicle. (5) It can be customized according to individual needs.

Product Characteristics

1. Lightweight and high strength preservative

2. Good electrical performance

3. Good thermal performance

4. Good design ability

5. Excellent work man ship

Data Sheet

Place of Origin: Anhui, China

Color: RAL Optional

Material: fiberglass(FRP)

Advantage: light weight, high intensity, durable

Factory Assembly: Available

Brand Name: ZHY

Application: Aquaculture fish farming tank

Technique: vacuum infusion

Dimension: Customized

Finish: Inside smoothy, outside fiberglass origin


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