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Fiberglass Fish Tank Breeding Fish Tanks

XHY FRP is a nearly 20 years fiberglass composite products designer and manufacturer, which professionally making different types fiberglass swimming pool, fiberglass underground pool shell, FRP swimming pool, one whole piece pool, and making varieties type of fiberglass and carbon fiber products.  Life cycle is at least 20 years.  
Customize design and sizes are welcome.
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Hot sale Indoor Aquaculture Fiberglass Fish Breeding &Hatchery Tanks

We design and manufacturer several types of outdoor aquaculture Fiberglass fish breeding tanks . It’s made from Eco-friendly fiberglass,polyester resin and additives, which is non toxic and UV resistant.

Dimension range: L(1.0-5.0)Meter x W(1.0-5.0)MeterxH (0.5-1.4)Meter;5-8mm wall thickness


Stacks for easy transport.

Standard color is Blue, but many other colors are available

Smooth inside surfaces prevent damage to contents

Optional drain fittings(50/80/ 90/ 100/110mm drain outlet)

Advantage: Strong mechanical performance, Durable, Waterproof, No leakage,weather proof,No cracking, tearing, or splitting,etc.


Aquaculture Fiberglass fish breeding tanks are typically used for water, liquid, or solids storage, planting pots, bathing, fish & reptile breeding, and containment vessels for other tanks. Because they have superior mechanical properties, high stiffness, excellent low temperature impact strength, and outstanding environmental stress crack resistance, they stand up well in these tough environments.

Aquaculture Fiberglass fish breeding tanks that have a smooth inside surface are used extensively for breeding and raising fish. The fiberglass tank is also safe and non-toxic to aquatic and animal life. Blue colored tank eliminates shadows that scare fish; and thus, minimizes stress in the fish causing them to be more productive, healthy, and active.



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Plant No.4, Area E, Nanju Industrial Park,Hangbu Town, Shucheng County, Anhui, China

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